Top 15 Scarlet iOS Alternatives

Top 15 Scarlet iOS Alternatives 2024

Are you looking for alternatives to Scarlet iOS? In this blog, we will provide you with detailed information about the best options available. We have tested many different app stores, and each one offers its own unique features. Based on our experience, we will share everything you need to know about these alternatives.

15 Best Scarlet iOS Alternatives 2024

We’re recommending these alternatives to Scarlet iOS. Check out the list below.

Comparison Table between Scarlet iOS and it’s Alternatives

App Pros Cons
Scarlet iOS Broader app compatibility, frequent updates, enhanced features and tweaks, secure installations, active community and support, user-friendly interface Requires initial setup, potential for app revocation
Cydia Greater customization, access to third-party apps, expanded functionality, community support Jailbreaking risks, warranty void, complexity, app compatibility issues
TrollStore Access unapproved apps, multiple installations, easy IPA installation, user-friendly, no jailbreaking needed Security risks, vulnerabilities, limited updates and support
AppValley No jailbreaking required, free to use, user-friendly interface, wide range of apps Certificate revocation, in-app ads, app compatibility issues
Panda Helper No jailbreaking required, free to use, user-friendly interface, wide range of apps Cost of VIP version, security risks
AppCake No restrictions on IPA files, frequent updates and security, user forum and wide selection, easy IPA file installation, user-friendly interface Unofficial status, stability issues
TutuBox Lots of apps and games, no jailbreaking needed, totally free, easy to use Stability issues, potential security risks, lacks official security measures
TweakBox Free access, diverse selection, user-friendly interface, easy to use Stability issues, terms of service violation
TutuApp Wide selection, free content, user-friendly interface, easy to use Stability issues, intrusive ads, potential security risks
Ignition Wide range of apps and games, no need for jailbreaking or rooting, user-friendly interface Stability and reliability concerns, disruptive advertisements
AltStore No need for jailbreaking, consistent app updates, user-friendly interface Requires a computer for installation, limited app variety, disruptive advertisements
AppDB Diverse app selection, no jailbreaking required, app signing services, user-friendly interface Paid subscription for advanced features, less stability for sideloaded apps, dependency on external sources
SideStore Convenient way to sideload apps onto iOS devices without jailbreaking, supportive community, no subscription fees or in-app purchases, user-friendly interface, budget-friendly option for iOS users Server down issues
Sideloadly Cross-platform compatibility, iOS 15 compatibility, wireless installation, user-friendly interface, drag and drop functionality, game advancement, time management optimization App limitations
Esign iOS IPA Installer On-device functionality, wide iOS version support, jailbroken device support, user-friendly interface Reliance on certificates, certificate revocation, potential stability issues
Aptoide for iOS Access to hundreds of new apps and games, numerous features specifically for iOS users, no jailbreak required to install apps, safe for iOS users Requires an internet connection to download apps, limited customization options, restricted expandable storage options

1. Cydia

Cydia is a great alternative to Scarlet iOS for users who want more control over their iOS devices. Cydia allows users to customize and modify their iOS applications, offering a range of features not available through the official App Store. 

Cydia is an app store for jailbroken iOS devices. It provides access to apps, tweaks, and extensions that are not available on the official App Store. These can help users customize their iOS experience in ways that Apple typically restricts.

Before you can use Cydia, you need to jailbreak your device. Jailbreaking removes Apple’s restrictions, giving you full control over your iPhone or iPad. This process allows you to install apps from sources other than the App Store, including Cydia.

Pros and Cons of Cydia


  • Greater Customization
  • Access to Third-Party Apps
  • Expanded Functionality
  • Community Support


  • Jailbreaking Risks
  • Warranty Void
  • Complexity
  • App Compatibility

2. TrollStore as Scarlet iOS Alternative

TrollStore is an app for iPhones and iPads that offers a way to install special files (IPA iOS) on your device without the need to jailbreak. This makes it easier for users to install apps that are not available on the official App Store. 

Pros and Cons of TrollStore


  • Access Unapproved Apps
  • Multiple Installations
  • Easy IPA Installation
  • User-Friendly
  • No Jailbreaking Needed


  • Security Risks
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Limited Updates and Support

3. AppValley

AppValley is a popular app store made specifically for iPhones and iPads, offering another option besides Scarlet iOS. It features a variety of apps and games and is designed to be easy to use with a simple interface. 

AppValley is different from other app stores because you don’t need to jailbreak your device to use it. It’s free to download and has lots of apps and games you can get without paying anything. It’s easy to use because it has a simple interface that helps you find what you’re looking for. Plus, it has many popular apps and games that you can’t find on the regular App Store.

Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about using AppValley:

Pros and Cons of AppValley


  • No Jailbreaking Required
  • Free to Use
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Wide Range of Apps


  • Certificate Revocation
  • In-App Ads
  • App Compatibility Issues

4. Panda Helper

Panda Helper is a special app that gives you access to lots of different apps and games. These apps and games are not usually found on the official app store that comes with your phone. It’s like a helper app that makes it easy for you to get all sorts of cool stuff. 

Panda Helper is made to be easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out complicated stuff. Whether you want to try out fun games or get special versions of popular apps, Panda Helper is always there. 

Plus, you can use Panda Helper on different devices without needing to do anything special to them, like jailbreaking.

Pros and Cons of using Panda Helper


  • No Jailbreaking Required
  • Free to Use
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Wide Range of Apps


  • Cost of VIP Version
  • Security Risks

5. AppCake : An Alternative to Scarlet iOS

AppCake is an alternative to Scarlet iOS. It’s a cool app that works similarly to Scarlet iOS, but with its own unique features. With AppCake, you can find and download lots of different apps and games that you might not get from Scarlet iOS or the regular app store.

It’s like having another option to explore and enjoy new apps and games on your phone. Plus, AppCake is easy to use and has a nice interface, making it simple to find what you’re looking for. So if you’re looking for more variety and options for your apps and games, give AppCake a try!

Pros and Cons of AppCack


  • No Restrictions on IPA Files
  • Frequent Updates and Security
  • User Forum and Wide Selection
  • Easy IPA File Installation
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Unofficial Status
  • Stability Issues

6. TutuBox

TutuBox is a special app store that gives you lots of different programs you can’t find on the regular. It gives you lots of different programs that you can’t find there. The good thing is, you don’t have to do anything special to your iPhone to use it – no need to jailbreak it.

Pros and Cons of TutuBox


  • Lots of Apps and Games
  • No Jailbreaking Needed
  • Totally Free
  • Easy to Use


  • Stability Issues
  • Potential Security Risks
  • Lacks Official Security Measures

7. TweakBox

TweakBox is a versatile app that opens up a world of customized apps and games. It’s gained popularity for its easy-to-use interface, making it simple to find and use content not usually found on the regular App Store.

With TweakBox, you get a wide variety of apps, including modified versions of popular ones. This makes it great for people who want something different in their app collection. Whether you’re looking for special features, tweaked functions, or exclusive content, TweakBox has you covered.

Give TweakBox a try and see how it can make your app experience even better. It’s a chance to discover new and exciting apps that match your interests and preferences, making your device even more useful.

In terms of its advantages, TweakBox offers a broad selection of apps and customized versions, giving users plenty of choices to suit their needs. Additionally, TweakBox keeps its content fresh, so you can always find new and relevant stuff. Moreover, setting up apps with TweakBox is simple and straightforward, with easy-to-follow steps.

On the downside, some users might encounter apps that don’t function as they should or have issues. Additionally, every now and then, apps might unexpectedly stop working, causing a disruption in the user experience. But these crashes aren’t constant and happen infrequently.

Pros and Cons of TweakBox


  • Free Access
  • Diverse Selection
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Use


  • Stability Issues
  • Terms of Service Violation

8. TutuApp

TutuApp is an alternative app store for mobile devices, well-known for offering a diverse range of apps and games, including some unavailable on official stores like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Additionally, TutuApp is a great option for those looking to broaden their app collection. It features a user-friendly interface, making it easy for everyone to use.

Pros and Cons of TutuApp


  • Wide Selection
  • Free Content
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Use


  • Stability Issues
  • Intrusive Ads
  • Potential Security Risks

9. Ignition

Are you looking for an app that has lots of cool apps and games? If you are, Ignition might be just what you’re looking for. Lots of people like this app because it has a bunch of different things to do. One cool thing about Ignition is how easy it is to use. It’s designed to be simple, so you can find what you want without any trouble.

What makes Ignition really special is that it has apps you can’t find on the regular app store. This means you can get all sorts of different stuff that fits what you like. Whether you want better versions of your favorite apps or fun games to play, Ignition has something for you. It’s a great place to find new things you’ll enjoy.

Ignition lets you download and use apps for free, including tweaked and modified versions that have extra features. Unlike some other app stores, you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device or root your Android device to install apps from Ignition.

However, some apps you get from Ignition might not be as stable or reliable as the official ones. This could cause crashes or problems with how the apps work.

Pros and Cons of Ignition


  • Wide range of apps and games to choose from
  • No Need for Jailbreaking or Rooting
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Stability and Reliability Concerns
  • Disruptive advertisements

10. AltStore

AltStore offers iOS users a chance to expand their app collection beyond what’s available on the official App Store. It serves as a gateway for users who want to install apps from sources other than Apple’s official marketplace. Although it requires an initial setup process on a computer, the payoff is access to a diverse array of applications, including some with exclusive content not found on Apple’s platform.

One standout feature of AltStore is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to explore and acquire apps. Navigating the app is simple, and it offers a wide variety of options to choose from. Among its offerings, you’ll find modified versions of popular apps and games, providing added functionality or features not available in their standard versions.

In summary, AltStore is a valuable tool for iOS users seeking to venture beyond the confines of the official App Store. While it requires an initial computer setup, it offers access to a wealth of applications, including some with exclusive content, all presented through a user-friendly interface.

Pros and Cons of AltStore


  • No Need for Jailbreaking
  • Consistent App Updates
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Requires a Computer for Installation
  • Limited App Variety
  • Disruptive advertisements

11. AppDB

AppDB is a versatile platform that extends the capabilities of iOS devices by providing users with the ability to sideload apps from external sources onto their devices. This opens up a world of possibilities beyond what is available on the official App Store

One of the primary draws of AppDB is its extensive library of apps. Users have access to a wide range of applications, including third-party and unofficial apps that may not be accessible through the official channels.

ppDB offers app signing services, which is a valuable feature for users. App signing ensures that users can install and use apps without worrying about them being revoked by Apple.

Pros and Cons of AppDB


  • Diverse App Selection
  • No Jailbreaking Required
  • App Signing Services
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Paid Subscription Options


  • Paid Subscription for Advanced Features
  • Less Stability for Sideloaded Apps
  • Dependency on External Sources

12. SideStore

SideStore is a valuable addition to the iOS app ecosystem, offering users a convenient way to sideload apps onto their devices without the need for jailbreaking. 

 SideStore benefits from a supportive community of users who contribute to its growth and development. Users can share recommendations, troubleshooting tips, and insights into the latest apps and updates, enhancing the overall user experience.

Unlike some other app stores, SideStore is entirely free to use. Users can download and install apps without having to pay any subscription fees or make in-app purchases, making it a budget-friendly option for iOS users.

Pros and Cons of SideStore


  • Convenient way to sideload apps onto iOS devices without jailbreaking
  • Supportive community
  • No subscription fees or in-app purchases
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Budget-friendly option for iOS users


  • Server down Issues

13. Sideloadly

Sideloadly stands out as a versatile and user-friendly solution for sideloading .ipa files onto iOS devices. Its cross-platform support, jailbreak-free operation, and advanced functionalities make it a valuable tool for both developers and general users looking to enhance their iOS experience.

Pros and Cons of Sideloadly


  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • iOS 15 Compatibility
  • Wireless Installation
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Game Advancement
  • Time Management Optimization


  • App Limitations

14. Esign iOS IPA Installer

Esign is an on-device IPA signing tool for iOS, allowing users to sign apps with their own or globally available certificates and install them on their iPhone or iPad. It serves as an alternative to Cydia Impactor, supporting iOS versions 11 up to 16. Esign enables users to install IPA files without the need for a computer.

However, potential issues with certificate revocation and the need for specific signing files are considerations to keep in mind.

Pros and Cons of Esign iOS IPA Installer


  • On-Device Functionality
  • Wide iOS Version Support
  • Jailbroken Device Support
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Reliance on Certificates
  • Certificate Revocation
  • Potential Stability Issues

15. Aptoide for iOS

Aptoide for iOS

Aptoide has recently unveiled a new app store tailored specifically for iOS users. This platform provides the convenience of installing your favorite apps without the need for a jailbreak. Based on our tests, Aptoide delivers outstanding performance and is an excellent choice for iOS gamers.

One of the major advantages of Aptoide is the access it grants to hundreds of new apps and games. Additionally, it offers numerous features that cater specifically to iOS users, enhancing the overall user experience. Importantly, installing apps through Aptoide does not require jailbreaking your device, ensuring that your iOS system remains secure and intact.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. An internet connection is necessary to download apps from Aptoide, which might be a limitation in areas with poor connectivity.

Additionally, the customization options within the store are somewhat limited, which might not satisfy users looking for extensive personalization. Lastly, the options for expandable storage are restricted, potentially limiting the number of apps and games you can install.

Pros and Cons of Aptoide


  • Access to hundreds of new apps and games.
  • Numerous features specifically for iOS users.
  • No jailbreak is required to install apps.
  • Safe for iOS users.


  • Requires an internet connection to download apps.
  • Limited customization options.
  • Restricted expandable storage options.

Why Choose Scarlet iOS Over Alternative Apps?

When deciding between Scarlet iOS and other alternatives for expanding your iOS app collection beyond the official App Store, there are several reasons you might prefer Scarlet iOS. Here are the key advantages of choosing Scarlet iOS over other third-party apps:

1. Broader App Compatibility: Scarlet iOS offers a wider array of compatible apps, including many popular third-party applications not found on the App Store, granting access to a greater variety of apps compared to other apps. Additionally, apps on Scarlet iOS receive more frequent updates, ensuring better compatibility with the latest iOS versions.

2. Enhanced Features and Tweaks: Scarlet iOS provides advanced customization options and tweaks that enhance the functionality and appearance of iOS devices. It includes unique features not available through its alternatives, offering users a more perfect experience.

3. Active Community and Support: Scarlet iOS boasts an engaged user community and developer support, valuable for troubleshooting and discovering new apps and tweaks. Regular interaction with developers ensures timely updates and improvements for Scarlet iOS users.

4. Secure Installations: Scarlet iOS often features vetted apps, reducing the risk of installing malicious software compared to the more open nature of Scarlet alternative apps. Users may encounter fewer security risks, particularly if they exercise caution in app selection.

5. User Experience: Scarlet iOS offers a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, simplifying navigation and usage even for less tech-savvy users. Its curated selection of apps and tweaks contributes to a smoother overall performance and user experience.

Final Verdict

When choosing between Scarlet iOS and other 15 alternatives for expanding your iOS app collection beyond the official App Store, Scarlet iOS stands out for several reasons. It offers broader app compatibility with a wide features of popular third-party applications and frequent updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest iOS versions.

Moreover, Scarlet iOS features a user-friendly interface, making navigation and usage straightforward even for less tech-lover users. These advantages make Scarlet iOS a compelling choice for safely and efficiently expanding your app collection.


Ye, Is Cydia store is free. It is easy to navigate for users.

A report by the Wall Street Journal says that sideloading apps on iOS 17 will cost money, and Apple will review these apps. Apple will charge users for downloading apps from third-party app stores and will also have a system to review the sideloaded apps.

Scarlet will soon support iOS 17 for European users. The EU has given Apple a deadline of March 7 to add this feature.

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